Welcome to the Kim & Lee's Olympic TaeKwonDo Academy. 

We provide quality instruction in "WTF" Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. We are an official WTF (world taekwondo federation) and KUKKIWON (world taekwondo headquarter) Member. We teach in accordance with The World Tae Kwon Do Federation and Kukkiwon regulations. 
Kim & Lee's Olympic Taekwondo Academy is the only martial art school in Cedar Rapids where teach proper and exact Olympic Style Taekwondo. Kim & Lee's Olympic TKD Academy can only give Kukkiwon Black Belt certificates to their TKD members directly. Only Kukkiwon black belt certificate holders can participate Olympic or any International Competitions and can be USA National Team Members. 
In Iowa, there is only one master who has 8th Dan Kukkiwon blackbelt whose name is grand master Giseon Kim, Kim & Lee’s Olympic Taekwondo. The top of Kukkiwon blackbelt system is 9th Dan. 
Grand Master Kim was born and raised in Korea, and moved to the United States in 2008. He opened his own TKD academy in 2009 at Lindale Mall. He teachs not only TaekwonDo but Hapkido (self-defense martial arts).  
In 2011 Kim & Lee's Olympic Taekwondo members and Grand Master Kim made many historical achievements. They brought 4 Gold medals from the USA National Championship and 3 Gold medals from the National Qualifiers. In 2012, they also brought 6 Gold medals and 3 Bronze medals from the 2012 USA National Championship. Grand Master Kim also brought a Silver medal from 2013 US Open international championship and Gold medal from the US National Championship. 

About Grand Master Kim. 
* born in Korea 
* Experienced for over 38 years as a Taekwondo athlete (Olympic style) and a master 
* 8th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo (Kukkiwon, The World Taekwondo Headquarter)
* 8th Degree Black Belt Hapkido 
* Certified International Taekwondo Referee (WTF) 
* Certified Taekwondo Instructor (Kukkiwon) 
* Certified Kukkiwon International Blackbelt Promotion Examiner 
* Graduated from Suwon University and Graduate School. 
* Master’s degree in Physical Education 
* Awarded the best instructor of Korea in 1999 
* Achieved many 1st Place awards in TKD Championships in Korea 
* Achieved 2nd Place award in World TKD Competition. 
* Achieved USA National Champion --Sparring 2011, Sparring & Sports Poomsae 2012, Sparring 2013
* Achieved 2nd Place award from the 2013 US Open International Championship
* Awarded the World Best International Referee

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