Ⅰ. Summary

1.Title : 2018 Kim & Lee’s Martial Arts HANMADANG Tournament
2. Date : On Saturday, May 5th  2018
3. Location: Oak Ridge Middle Schoo, Marion, IA
4. Promoter : Kim & Lee’s Olympic Taekwondo Academy
5. Main Events
Date Events Location
Mar. 23rd   1st  Hanmadang Referee course
   (6:00PM – 8:30M)
Kim & Lee’s TKD
(Main School, Lindale Mall)
Apr. 13th 2nd Hanmadang Referee course
   (6:00PM – 8:30PM)
Kim & Lee’s TKD
(Main School, Lindale Mall)
Apr. 27th 3rd Hanmadang Referee course
   (6:00PM – 8:30PM)
Kim & Lee’s TKD
(Main School, Lindale Mall)
Mar. 15th ∼ Apr. 28th Early Application Registration Kim & Lee’s TKD
Apr. 29th ∼ May 4th Final Application Registration Kim & Lee’s TKD
May 4th • Set rings (6:00 – 8:00PM)
• Volunteers meeting (6PM)
Oak Ridge  Middle School, Marion
May  5th • Door Registration:
   (8:00AM - 9:00AM)
• Coaches meeting: (8:30 AM)
• Opening Ceremony: (9:00AM)
• Competition begins: (9:30AM)
•Form (9:30AM – 11:30PM)
   (Adult Black-belt division first)
• Breaking (11:30 – 1:30PM)
• Lunch Break :  1:30 - 2:00PM
• Sparring (2:00 – 5:00PM)
Oak Ridge Middle School, Marion

  . Outline
1. Events
  Sex Tiny
(30-  )
Olympic Style M o
o o o o o o
F o o o o o o
  *Full proper guards are required as in the USAT Rule.
*Belt divisions (total 4): ①Orange Belts & Below, ②Green Belts & Above,        
                                             ③Brown Belts & Above, ④Black Belts.
* Only Senior black-belt divisions will use a Daedo electric Body Protectors and need to bring  Daedo socks. You are able to order If you visit www.tkdscore.com    we do NOT sell them.
Foot Power Breaking
Kukkiwon Hanmadang Style
(Side Kick
or  Back kick)
No  division
No  division
No  division
o o o o
F o o o o
  Target: *Cadet: 3x11, *Junior: 6x11, *Seniors & Masters: 8”x11, 1” inch thick pine tree boards.  All Boards will be served
*No belt divisions
High Jump Breaking
Kukkiwon Hanmadang Style
M o
o o o
F o o o
  Target: *balloons for Cadet & below,
*half-inch thick pine tree boards for Junior & above
*All Balloon & Boards will be served
*No belt divisions
Obstacle Racing
  M o
o o X
No  division
No division
F o o
  All boards & candies will be served
*No belt divisions
Kukkiwon Forms  or Any type of Forms M o
o o o o o o
F o o o o o o
  *Belt divisions (total 4) are same with Sparring.
*All competitors will get medals
Weapons Any type of weapons welcome M o
  *No belt, no age divisions
2. Awards
- First Place (1 person): Special Hand-made Trophy
- Second Place (1 person): Silver medal
- Third Place (2 people): Bronze medal 
***All form division competitors will get medals.

 3. Contest entry fee
1 event 2 events 3 events All events
$45.oo $55.oo $65.oo $75.oo
            - Early Registration -- Mar. 15th  ~ Apr. 28th   
            - Final Registration -- Apr. 29th  ~ May 4th ($10.oo late fee)
            - Door Registration -- May 5th ($10.oo late fee)
Spectator Fees: - Teens & Adult (over 13yrs): $5.oo
                                   - Children (6-12yrs): $3.oo
                                   - Children (under age 5): Free with a paid Adult
Coaching Fees: No coaching fee, **under 10 competitors: 2 coaching passes,
                                                            **10 or more competitors: 3 coaching passes
  **Only coaches with coaching pass will be allowed on competition area   
 Reminder for competitors
Make a check payable to; Kim & Lee’s TKD
Mail to; Kim & Lee’s Olympic Taekwondo Academy, 4444 1st Ave NE #414 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Venue Site; Oak Ridge Middle School, Marion, IOWA
Any questions: please e-mail: kgs0109@gmail.com  or call to Master Giseon Kim (319) 573 – 8806


Kim & Lee’s HANMADANG Tournament


Name  ________________________                           Gender: M,   F
                                                                                                (Circle one)

Taekwondo Rank:  ___________________Belt, or Black Belt: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 Dan
                                        (Color of Belt)                                               (Circle one)

Weight: ______lbs. Height: ______ft. ______in. Age:_____ Date of Birth:  ___  / ___  /  ______ 
                                                                                                                          (mm)   (dd)     (yyyy)
Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: (          )                -                    Cell Phone: (          )               -                    

Martial Arts School  Name(Club) _____________________________________________________________________
Instructor’s Name: ______________________ School(Club) Phone: ______________________

Wish to compete (Please Ⅴ): Form          ,    Sparring          ,    Foot  Power Breaking          ,   High Jump Breaking           ,   Obstacle Racing Breaking          ,  Weapons          .
  1 event 2 events 3 events All events
$45.oo $55.oo $65.oo $75.oo
    Entry Fee included (total) ; $_______________, check #; ________________

I, the undersigned, do hereby apply for participation in the KIM & LEE’S MARTIAL ARTS HANMADANG 2014.
I do hereby assume any and all responsibility for any and all losses, damages and/or injuries I may sustain or incur, if any,
while attending or participating. I hereby waive any and all claims against the officials, host, promoters, operators,
sponsors, fellow participants, and venue site facilities of this tournament, individually, or jointly, for any losses, damages
and/or injuries, including death, and for damage to or loss of property which may be suffered by myself arising out of , or in
any way resulting from or attributable in whole or in part to my traveling to, training for, being coached in, using any sports
equipment in, or participating in the KIM & LEE’S MARTIAL ARTS HANMADANG 2018. As a competitor or parent/legal
guardian of the competitor, I give consent to any x-ray exam, medical, chiropractic, dental or other treatment(s) deemed necessary
for the safety and welfare of the contestant. I understand that this authorization is given prior to any diagnosis, treatments
or hospital care being required, but is given to provide the medical/chiropractic/dental staff authority to render care as
deemed a divisible. In the case of minors, it is understood that efforts shall be made to contact the undersigned prior to
rendering treatment, but treatment will not be withheld if the undersigned cannot be reached. I understand that in case of
injury, only basic first aid will be made available in site, and that I am fully responsible for any and all resulting medical
or other expenses. I also agree that any and all photographs taken by the officials of the tournament action are the sole
property of the tournament officials, to be used as they wish.
If the undersigned is under 18 years of age, this release must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Contestant’s Signature_____________________   Parent or Guardian:______________________

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