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What often gets lost is the real message of martial arts: discipline, respect for others and oneself, self-confidence and the development of a strong and complete individual through rigorous training.  In our Early Childhood Program, we hope to channel the interest of youngsters (four and five years old) in the martial arts into an activity which promotes the ideals of discipline, respect and confidence through activities which are designed to increase aerobic capacity, sharpen motor skills and increase focus.  Most importantly, we believe that students will learn the many valuable lessons of the martial arts while actually having fun.


Each session of the program consists of a 40 minute class.  The children will learn some of the basic blocks, kicks and punches of TKD.  There is physical contact between students, and many practice drills are conducted on kicking pads and shields.  Students are taught lessons in the proper time and situations for use of their new-found skills.  A belt promotion system whereby the students will earn patches upon successful completion of promotion tests will reinforce positive behavior and serve as incentives for improvement.  The belt rank system will be different from the regular children's program belt ranking system; however, as students gain command of their skills and become closer to the age of six, they have the opportunity to join the regular children's program.

We look forward to having your child join us at Kim & Lee's Olympic Tae Kwon Do Academy!



Parents hope to give their children what they need for their best chance at a happy, healthy and successful life.

We follow along with all the other parents running from activity to activity, not wanting the kids to miss out on any opportunity to try something new.  Unfortunately, we have become a society of TRY-ers, not DO-ers.  We spend our young and even adult lives as "wandering generalities" rather than "meaningful specifics." One of the greatest ways to build confidence in young people, is to have them pick an activity and become excellent at it, rather than 3 or 4 activities at which they're just okay.

 Professional Tae Kwon Do students attend an appropriately focused school that values personal development and courtesy, to help children and adults reach for their personal best in a safe, nurturing program.  The traits parents find developing in their children in a very short time include respect, to parents, teachers, friends and even for oneself; humility, they realize they have much to learn from others;

 perseverance, they begin to endure and stick to what they started rather than quit easily; self-control, which helps to improve school performance and concentration on a specific task; honesty, they don't seek for an easy way out but try to do the right thing. Many parents report a noticeable difference in their children's performance in school because of the self-discipline and focus they learn in their Tae Kwon Do classes.

By swinging a bat and kicking a ball, what character traits and life skills are children learning in their activities?  Tae Kwon Do teaches life skills that can carry benefits into their school, work, and personal relationships. Don't worry about being disappointed, and set yourself and your child for small achievements. Your children will rise to your expectations of them.
Achieve your goals and shoot for EXCELLENCE!



In this society, members of a family seldom get the opportunity to talk or even be with each other, because each one is so busy doing one's own thing.  In a lot of cases this extends to a lack of communication within the family.  It could get to a point where they don't understand each other even if they find time to talk with one another later.  Therefore, a healthy family should find an activity to do and enjoy together.

The family program is a great opportunity for a family to spend time together while learning new skills that benefit each member later on.  Each class consists of several activities, which require at least two members to practice.  The members are also encouraged to help each other to learn and enhance newly learned skills.  Members of a family are often paired up together in these activities for them to enjoy their family's company.

This valuable time not only gives the family members share quality time with one another, but also gives something to talk about at dinner table.  This could open up the door for parents to talk to their children or vice a versa, and an opportunity to share common interests.  As a result, Tae Kwon Do could be used as a tool to bring the family closer.

Here are some benefits from signing up for the family program ;

 - Quality family time to learn a new, worthwhile activity together
 - Common interest - something to talk about
 - Share the tenets of Tae Kwon Do to build a stronger family
 - Special family class times

Remember - The family that kicks together sticks together!


Teens & Adult

Many adults try to squeeze in time to exercise in one form or another but very often they realize it is really hard to find the right exercise to fit their lifestyle.  Some of them go to fitness centers, making vast plans to loose weight.  A lot of them end up wasting their money by signing up and never going back because of boredom.  Some find Yoga classes hoping to relax their body and mind.  Again, a big portion of them drop out because their busy schedules don't meet up with the tight class schedule.
Professional Tae Kwon Do offers many classes during after work hours for the busy adults, which makes it easier for them to find at least time in their busy day to workout.  Throughout the class time, several skills for different situations are taught.  As each individual advances in belt level, more complicated and advanced skills are practiced, thus the students won't get bored.

Olympic Sparring

Sparring is an integral part of Taekwondo, and we try to cultivate students sparring abilities in this class.  Classes are usually split into two main parts.  The first half is dedicated to guided drills where students are taught important techniques for sparring, like proper blocking, evasive maneuvers and effective attack and defense sequences.  The latter half of each class is a more or less freestyle sparring session, where students are paired up with several partners and given time to free-spar under the supervision and guidance of the class Instructors.  Students are encouraged to both use the techniques taught at the beginning of the class and improvise to their advantage.  By sparring multiple partners during the course of the class, students get a feel for what competition fighting might be like, where you are up against opponents you have never competed against before.

The entire body is involved in the study of Tae Kwon Do, making it an effective calorie burner.  Repeated kicks and punches help build up lean essential muscles.  Thus, Tae Kwon Do can play a role in weight loss and physical fitness.

A period of time is incorporated during class for stretching and meditation.  Thus, by practicing Tae Kwon Do skills, the practitioner can enhance not only physical fitness but also develop inner peace.  Beside the obvious feeling of security from knowing practical methods of self-defense, Tae Kwon Do practitioners find that their level of stress begins to reduce as self-mastery leads to less need to act upon feelings of anger and aggression.

By signing up at Professional Tae Kwon Do, one will be able to find the right time to get in shape and lower stress level while learning various skills to defend oneself at a crucial time.

While competition fighting is not required for students, it is a large part of modern Tae Kwon Do.  Students must practice their sparring techniques in class, and if they wish to, they will be encouraged to enter some tournaments.  There are a number of annual tournaments held in Iowa, and we will carry a large presence at these competitions.  

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