World Champion Master KimKim & Lee's own TournamentExcellent!!!!!
Who is inside?All are mine!World Best International Referee

2012 USA National Championship Result
--6 Golds & 3 Bronzes.

2011 USA National Championship Result
--6 Golds, 2 Silvers & 1 Bronze.

At the beach
The first blackbelt test--Master Kim

Master Kim's first Demo.

Master Kim's first competition.

Fun time, breaking time!!!

During a military service.

Master Kim's High School TKD Team members.
World TKD HanmadangMaster Kim's Tornado KickMaster Kim's 10 boards Power Back Kick
As a judge of Kukkiwon Blackbelt Promtion TestAs a International refereeKukkiwon Master's Course
Promotion Test-AdultsPromotion Test-ChildrenCute students.........
As a jugde of USA National Hanmadang

 Master Kim's Back kick--World TKD Hanmadang breaking.

Wonderful Demo Kick!
Master Scott, Seol, KimBeautiful Korea-Seoul CityBeautiful Korea-BULKUK Temple
With Hapkido MastersReady to jumping back kick

TKD Hanmadang Demo

Master Kim's Breaking during a Demo.Beautiful Korea--Seolak Mtn.Anyone can do TKD.

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